Experience the meaning of work in team activities

In order to enhance team cohesion, enrich the recreational life of employees, enhance communication and understanding among employees, and to thank all employees for their hard work and hard work, On May 15, 2022, Huajing Foreign Trade Department organized a one-day outdoor group construction and expansion activity. This time we came to enjoy the “first of the five towns” famous Yishan. The purpose of this group building activity is to exercise the strong will of employees, enhance team cohesion and the overall centripetal force, so that new employees can quickly integrate into the team and find a sense of belonging. Strengthen the communication and communication among employees, release work pressure, rekindle morale, constantly challenge themselves, beyond the peak!


Yishan forest coverage rate of more than 98%, is unique “natural oxygen bar”. While climbing the mountain, we felt the scenery along the way, talked about each other’s good feelings about work and life, encouraged each other, helped each other, supported each other, and never let a colleague fall behind. The whole climbing process was full of warmth and pleasure. The most memorable part of this activity is “slide” and “drift”, which is called “Qilu first slide”. It is like a long dragon winding down the mountain. The thrill of sliding down the mountain slide, the endless mountains along the way, all the worries and stress are suddenly left behind. “Forest Rafting” colorful rafts shuttle in the water, the cool water splashing all over the body, free dripping, every colleague’s face is filled with a happy smile.


Although mountaineering consumes a lot of our physical strength, but the colleagues are fun, enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time, also relax the body and mind, more important is through the league building development activities, let us see a good team must have a unified goal, all the members around a goal, it is easier to form a strong team force; Through this activity, we also realized our potential, enhanced our confidence, and had more courage to challenge ourselves. In the whole activity, everyone of us is trying to insist, that is, the strength of the firm will not give up, let us achieve one goal after another, until we complete the task that we thought impossible, as long as we persist in the work, we can stimulate personal potential, give full play to personal strength. To do what you “can’t” is to grow, to do what you “dare not” is to break through, and to do what you “won’t” is to change.



Post time: May-17-2022