Chain store cold storage reduces investment costs and reduces post-operation methods

Nowadays, there are a lot of chain stores, and many of these chain stores need small cold storage, such as Haidilao hot pot, Dingdong grocery delivery point, fresh food supermarket, etc. The prices of these cold storage are also uneven, so how can we reduce the cost of these cold storage? What about investment costs?

First of all, let’s talk about whether the investment cost can be excessively reduced?


Every cold storage company has its own set of construction standards. Under the premise of meeting the cold storage installation process, reducing the investment cost is what the designer needs to do for the user, but can the investment cost be excessively reduced? Certainly not. In what ways is the excessive reduction of investment costs reflected?


The use of refurbished equipment and second-hand panels is a relatively obvious way to reduce investment costs, which can be easily seen by comparing prices.


It is not recommended here, and refurbished second-hand materials cannot be used in order to reduce investment achievements. These materials have certain safety hazards. Once a failure occurs, the machine will be shut down and the goods will be damaged. If it is serious, there will be a fire, and it is not uncommon for a fire to occur in the cold storage. Therefore, most of the current cold storage boards are made of flame-retardant materials to prevent the cold storage from catching fire.

It mainly depends on how to reduce costs in later operations!


The post-operation of the cold storage is very important, and the post-operation costs mainly include: maintenance fees, electricity fees, labor costs, and subsequent supplements.


Let’s talk about the maintenance cost first: the maintenance cost of small cold storage is actually not cheap, and if you look for it from a non-regular company, you will not be able to find someone for later maintenance. First of all, the equipment should be placed in a ventilated environment. Otherwise, if the indoor air is not circulated in summer, the equipment will be easily overheated and damaged due to frequent startup. At this time, the maintenance of a cold storage can range from a few hundred to a few thousand. The cold storage built by Shanghai Xueyi Refrigeration will generally have one year of free maintenance, and there will be timely after-sales response in the follow-up. Once the cold storage fails, it will be repaired in time to avoid damage to the goods.


Secondly, lets talk about electricity bills: the electricity bills of cold storage are determined according to the equipment, and it is very important to choose the right equipment. Secondly, pay attention to the customized management regulations. Every time you enter and exit the goods, choose the early morning or evening when the air is cool, so that you can close the door and turn off the lights casually. The goods in the warehouse should be placed neatly. Do not store a large amount of goods at one time. If you need to enter and leave the cold storage frequently, you can equip an air curtain machine to prevent the outflow of cold energy in the warehouse and the entry of outdoor heat when the cold storage door is opened and closed, so that the running time of the equipment will be shortened. Shorten, reduce electricity bills. Another important point is that 110 is more expensive than 380.

Design a reasonable cold storage construction plan, customize the cold storage specification operation, and choose a regular cold storage installation company.


Post time: Feb-20-2023