Work hard&play harder—SHHAG

To improve staff physical fitness, enhance team cohesion

The company launched the “Happy campaign, healthy life” campaign

This is huajing’s care and expectation for every family member, and it is also our attitude towards work and life

In the morning and afternoon of every weekday, we take about 20 minutes to organize everyone to participate in the “recess movement”. Let every family every day can be in the tense work after the appropriate amount of activities, so that the family sitting in front of the computer has been effective relaxation, not only improve the work efficiency, but also improve everyone’s physical quality, the tense work has also been some relaxation!

Exercise is not only a way to rest, but also a way to temper the will.

Company in addition to out part of the working time for everybody to exercise every day, steps and encourage people to exercise every day not less than 5000 steps, to challenge high goals every day more than 10000 steps family continuous punching a month there will be rewarded, after the start of the activity, everyone can exercise a day clock, a colleague is not left behind. This spirit of perseverance is one of the reasons why our company can achieve today’s success in the rapidly changing business environment.